Good Applied to People

by Adaam James Levin - Areddy

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hikaruonline High applause for the absolutely wondrous vocals that makes this album so amazing. Believe me when I say you'll find yourself singing or whistling along to these catchy lyrics Favorite track: Phantoms.
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Adaam James Levin Areddy's second album.
Enjoy the venture.


released July 13, 2014

Written & Produced by Adaam James Levin Areddy
Mix by Shai Saadia
Mastering by Andy VanDetta
Cover Art by Pavel Postovoit
(except bonus track Dear Mr Williams masterd by Mushon Shanah)
(except track Average Monsters co-lyrics by Hadara Levin Areddy)


all rights reserved



Adaam James Levin - Areddy Israel

Music maker, song maker, music producer, filmmaker, soundtrack maker, writer, wordster.

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Track Name: You're Like Bad TV
You're cold as hell, like a craze, mad and fazed;
you're like fire with no one to burn. Just look at your face,
you're a mess, out of place, a disaster, but waiting your turn.
You gave her quite a scare, but see you don't play fair,
no you don't play fair,
wherever you are.

You're taking up all of my now's, all of my then's.
You're breaking up, you're stuck where you stand.

I'll talk her down, she'll be fine, go sit down, don't be bothered,
it's under control.
See, she's alright, slightly pale.
But it's just the weight of her troubles, and kinda my fault.
You're getting out of touch
and really just too much.
Track Name: Phantoms
I think I've known you once | The sky a purple gloss |
You had your quiet ways | But used to make a fuss
You're so familiar, say | Why don't you sit and stay?

I think I've known your face | You must have crossed my way
That god forsaken place | In purple and decay
Was it a summer day | Or just a game we played?

I don't know what's coming now and it's freaking me out,
Old places and faces started melting apart.
Cars explode, planes blowing up and your ship's sinking down
You'll wave and you'll scream but I'll just paddle on.

We'll break a new frontier | Get high on hopes and fears.
You fear it's way too far | I say it's just the moon
You say it's too, too soon | I say a billion years

We thought you'd die of tears | The night you drove away.
You had your throes to mend. | I think you were upset
Or something like a friend. | I think I've known you then

So very slow, so far, so very, very like You, so very like you
I seen your eyes, they're blown up back to size
Those purple days fall twice, there's fire to our ice
I might know you well, a mordant moue's your tell
It's freezing like a shock, just our kind of Hell
The morning, sea, the sky the night.
So Upper-West and skell | My red to your brown-ale | The Heights, st. Patrick's Bells

Don't turn your back on me, what did they mean by "free"?
It gets you moon to floor, but back and feeling more
It's now a you and me, thought tomorrow comes for free
A modern breach to shore, it's time for being more

(Go and shake it off, or get it all to stop, you won't get away, you know it's there to stay)
It's a bitter-sweet like beer – with too much froth and fear
Or like a perfect day – in purple and decay
I think I know your face – now don't forget your place
Don't turn your back on me – onto your phantom sea
I'm staying course to shore – and proud for feeling more)
Track Name: Good Applied to People
T-T-T-Taking her time
She never did it before
She says it's all just for show

She never learnt how to play
She only tries to get by
Her boyfriend says power suits her eyes

Then behind the TV flared, the TV crowd went wild and stared

She folds her wings as the morning breaks
With a good day's promises and old mistakes
With a pale blue dress and a brand new face
She's all done, they've all gone by
Where Greatness goes to die

T-T-T-Tagging along
Packed all her life in a bag
She swears it's just for the road

They're best at taking her time
They've never seen her before
They said she's out of this world

Then they laughed and made a toast:
To the men they've made and the lands they've scorched

It's our time now.
Track Name: Of Legitimate Expectations
Not the best time to try me, I know it's you on the line
Ugly chill, I thought I killed it a million years ago, when you wondered off to sing – hey–oh!
Up and down I'll tear this town to find you, getting you well
Don't thank me yet – I'll make you pay

Trust me every fall, when mute as love and blindfolded
No one else to call, you might as well get used to it
Got a world to save, to make you kneel and say you're sorry
Faces in the sand and statues keep you safe for me

(Break my chains and set me free then play me back on your screen in HD)

This messy head to cover up the things I can't get past
Pretty sure at some point you stopped caring, and I couldn't give a fuck
Are you saved yet? Just go to sleep, tomorrow comes the hit
Or something else to touch those places left cold and incomplete

(Up and down I'll tear this town and sing hey–oh. Want my held? Then come around – sing hey–oh)

Trust me every fall, when mute as love and blindfolded
No one else to call, you might as well get used to it
Got a world to save, to make you kneel and say you're sorry
Faces in the sand and statues keep you safe from me
Track Name: Average Monsters
You got me.
I'm pleasing you while taking my shouts somewhere else,
and you might think
that beating me is your one chance at a second chance.
Now, I've went through all your faces, all your paintings,
everything you've done
I might be falling (forcing you) down, you might be fun.
I know you can't be stopped yet I've been boarding all the walls
and I've been totting about for all your souls
(it should stop your souls)
I'm going down, it's all part of me now/
There's no one left to smile your way and no one left to lie to, underneath the saddest moon.
Take your candies, drink your tea and take my promise with you.
Words will take you half the way, but who will hang to see the day
from lofty gallows in a crowded square?
I'm coming down, it's all part of me now
(How do we seem from there?)
Track Name: Indecent
Something in the way it feels, fingers running down my back
You never told a joke so mean, you never staged a good attack
Time to climb those stairs, start setting up the perfect shot
They look so small down there, go ahead and shoot the lot
But don't blame me if it makes you anxious

Stay low, take down everyone you know
And try to aim well
You know I love your sweaty pressure
Everytime you're slipping farther away

Something in the way you feel, like every scary dream I had
You never were a pretty thing, but still I wanted you so bad
Someone told you life ain't fair, that someone taught you how to aim
We look so small from up there, it sure as hell don't feel the same
Don't blame me if you're getting anxious
Track Name: Overshadowed
Don't think you can just barge in here and do what you want,
it doesn't work this way, it doesn't work this way
Don't think you can just come in here and say what you want,
it doesn't work this way, it doesn't work this way
Sounds and voices you already know, footsteps creaking from behind your door

Everywhere you go - up and down - we'll make you feel surrounded
Everyplace you turn - there's that sound, like something you've forgotten

Keep on pounding, shout as you might,
it doesn't work this way, it doesn't work this way
Don't think you can just barge in here and pick up a fight,
there's no one here today

Don't be scared, you're never alone
There isn't a day when it pays to despair and aim lower
But no one would dare to play fair so we're there to watch over wherever you

Go - up and down - we'll make you feel surrounded
Everyplace you turn - there's that sound, like something you've forgotten

What have you done?
Old sounds beeping
Every time you turn around
I don't get what you mean
Track Name: A million Vanities More
And a Million Vanities More

You set out well with your pale blue knives and ambition, in addition
Your golden blades keep them ranked like hives
to your greed and superstition
You'll cast them off if they lose their taste,
or come too close when you start the race

You got me just where I'm supposed to be,
in a heartache, in your heartache
You cut me down so I won't be free
in a harness, like a harness.
You say you want me now it's time to hide,
time for choosing swords and picking sides

It's been a year since you had some rest, running all day
getting nowhere.
And several more since you've made any sense,
but they're all there, like a big stare.
Your battles pick you when you dress in black
but then you put your track and I see the cracks.

See how they huddle like a drooling cult,
all set for battle with the zeal of faults
Like everything you wanted, it's everything you wanted,
everything you ever thought to -

Oo, I love your tears when you start sending out your signs, something's on your mind, baby
Oo, the coast seems clear but maybe it's only in your mind
A trick so simple that they're scared to look,
but rather close their eyes and bite the hook
Track Name: Slowly Now
I never thought you'd learn to walk,
I never thought I'd hear you talk at me
I never thought you'd be so cold,
you never seemed to hear a word of what I said
Hear me now
I never thought you'd learn to talk,
I never thought I'd see you walk on me

Pretty words so kind and old, tossed around, nothing's solved
See those friends drifting by, looking back,
don't ask why
They might just tell you
Bitter was all the rage,
said nothing ever changes for you
Well, how about now?
Track Name: Dear Mr. Williams
Dear Mr. Williams

I always feel I'm cheating, you smile as though it's never enough.
We make it seem so easy, some people have it rough.
You start to mark my weeping and the sun takes over your eyes.
And all this air we're breathing, full of excuses and several lies.
Yes, I want to be happy, I want to be happy, I want to feel good.
There're so many starts, stealing the view from my bed
So nostalgic - they won't give it a rest.
And all those clouds are thickening the air
with cold misty flickers of your 'loved's and 'cared's.
And how the night just bares what time fights you over
and what you're pretty sure you just can't spare.

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